Monday, April 28, 2014

All The World Is A Zoo: THE ZOO ACT debuts!

Ladies & Gentelmen, as the host of orbiting blogspot known as PLANET GRIFFIN, yours truly, THE INFAMOUS RODBUDDAH, is proud to inform the public of a new Original Graphic Novel that has just emerged on the digital ebook market known as THE ZOO ACT, a new crime noir thriller written and illustrated by NEXT 100 Creator MYRON MACKLIN!  

Early reviews have already likened the work to early FRANK MILLER, and it shows, but this writer also notices the heavy design influences of SAUL BASS (trust me, the man designed most of commercial America) and European flourishes... The arguments of style and substance are easily settled in this book, making it a true sleeper hit of the summer!  Hit the link and experience THE ZOO ACT! Tell'em THE INFAMOUS RODBUDDAH sent you!

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Unknown said...

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