Friday, December 26, 2008


I found it... Entertaining... Some of what's contained here are things that have been told years ago. I do believe there's something to the fact that so many religious calenders nailed this new phenomenon known as 2012 almost a century ago, yet I still personally hold to the belief of ' man knows the day nor hour...'.
Of course, that doesn't mean that the world wouldn't get smacked around a little beforehand.

Therein lies the scary part. Tell your kids THAT bedtime story.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Reason of the Season in times of High Treason...

Hopefully everybody out there had a great Thanksgiving--- we buried all of our bones in a small, unmarked grave out back; the remainder of which was spent utilizing the post-holiday tradition: Making sure our bathrooms were stocked with the best toiletries we could find. ( C'mon now, tell me you haven't spent time in 'the Memory room'---!)

Anyway, we can now move forward towards the holiday cheer of Christmas; bad economy and all.

...The sounds of Donny Hathaway and Nat King Cole shall fill our home once again, the stockings shall hang by the chimney with care, the menu for the holiday grub has yet to be prepared. Prep for the Christmas parties among guests and favored others; stock up on Egg Nog as distilled by Christrian Brothers... All the while, trying to find new ways to get the most bang for your buck, cuz' the dollar ain't what it used to be. Remember, it's all about family first. Materialism be damned and the materialistic be shit outta luck...

Oh well, let's get started, shall we?