Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revolution In Ruin? Doubt It...

The last time this country saw a true revolution, it involved a united front facing the overwhelming odds of a hierarchy whose reign, though already well established, sought to continue its domination over those who broke away to seek new worlds of their own.

Sound familiar?

Superbowl Sunday is the flavor of the day as PLANET GRIFFIN returns to orbit to comment on other clashes that have taken place over the last few weeks... I speak of the supremely intriguing; albeit lukewarm, commentary of the ' Indy Comic Revolution'--- from Eric Powell's infamous Youtube video (revealing a cowled superhero straddling one of its artist across a kitchen table) declaring the emergence of a Creator's Front, to the impassioned statements of Steve Niles, Robert Kirkman, and others, to the varied criticisms from online reviewers--- all of this chatter culminating (so far) in the removal of the Creator's Front facebook page and the bewilderment of many a fanboy as the online chatter quickly changed from 'Gotta Revolution' to 'What Happened?'  

Frankly, in an industry surrounded by incredibly talented individuals, the abundance of ego's in this business are just as incredible, so revolution is putting it a bit strong... Which offers one explaination of Powell tearing down the FB site; citing 'his own personal enthusiasm' to carry him forward... Really, the mainstream wouldn't have to worry about such sides--- they have corporate sponsorship. Independent power players like Niles and Kirkman can afford to speak on such issues... In fact, in the wake of television, film, and multimedia, they can afford to do whatever they like... Sigh.

Y'know, I could continue on with this, but for those of you who took the time to read up on PLANET GRIFFIN archives, you would've already known that this blogsite foretold the situation over a year ago!  Bold statement, I know, but considering that even in its dormant state, this pirate blogcast has been sitting on ALL of this information for some time, so for those of you who've followed this site, you're already ahead of the curve. This little heads-up is brought to you by The Infamous RodBuddah.