Friday, October 22, 2010

Since We Last Spoke

BOO!! Just in time for Halloween, PLANET GRIFFIN has returned! (Even in it's 1.5 status)...  Since we last spoke, I've made mention of how I've been working towards bringing the pirate blogcast back full force... Considering how long these posts have been coming along, I must apologize to all the followers who have waited (and waited, and waited, and... you get the idea...) patiently for the world of The NEXT 100 to return.  Of course, yours truly, The Infamous RodBuddah, has been moving silently among you, gathering the tools I need for the new 2011 venture ( which will require a terrabyte just to archive it)--- I've been bursting at the seams to say it aloud, but have been forced to play it all close to my chest. I will say that on top of the FIERCE CREATURES OGN (which may top out at 320 pages with all the trimmings), a new series that's guaranteed to draw out the Modern Warfare junkies (the cat's coming outta the bag slowly... There WILL be pics to follow up), and the voice...

Yes, the voice of The Infamous RodBuddah himself, as I will be hosting an upcoming podcast (the title to be announced, seeing as how it will be titled something entirely new and I don't have the time to screw around with those who like to hold domain names 'hostage' just for the hell of it!).  It's all been a WHOLE LOTTA WORK, but in true RodBuddah fashion, I LOVE THIS WORK THAT I DO!  To ALL my indie bretheren out there, NOW is the time to get your act together!  If WE don't do everything in our power to bring the masses back to the shelves, the corporations will raze this industry to the ground!!!  Yes, I said it--- look at Marvel and Disney--- if they don't change that attitude within the coming year; price changes AND content,  it's gonna become a smaller world than you think!