Wednesday, November 13, 2013


PLANET GRIFFIN, that pirate blogspot stepchild many of you have come to love, is now proud to announce the OFFICIAL coming soon advert of my long awaited book, FIERCE CREATURES, a title that seemed to have endured more mishaps during its production than TERRY GILLIAM'S MAN OF LA MANCHA... And even THAT received a documentary...

WWW.INKWESTLAKE.COM/FC is where you'll find the current sign-up. It will not read like the above pic, as this pic description was done for dramatic effect... All who sign up will receive the advance word on final sales date and other surprise goodies in store. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lions, Tigers, & Bears; Oh My

Good Morning Housekeeping!
Yours truly, the INFAMOUS RODBUDDAH, has been deep in the bowels of PLANET GRIFFIN LABS, working on a number of projects for the last couple of months. A tidbit of that work is shown here, for those who are interested in comics... FIERCE CREATURES, my self created crime/ sci-fi fantasy series; once self jokingly referred to as 'the longest running coming soon of all time' (not actually true, considering that most of America is resigned to the fact that Dr. Dre's TOXIC CD will never be released...)... At long last, the wait on this project is almost over.

Stay tuned to the orbiting pirate blogspot for the details of the upcoming book and where to find it!!!!