Friday, August 29, 2008

Cinematic Art Department: Classic Inspiration!

I love a great image. I've been researching movie posters and one-sheets lately, in my attempts to further stimulate my pan-fried brain for cover ideas... In my research, I simply rekindled my love for great design (Of course, though great ones like Saul Bass and Bob Peak were unavailable, thank God their influence is still around! ) Hell, how else could Hollywood keep us interested all these years?! Here are a few examples of great style--- Especially the work of Drew Struzan--- with his immortal vision of Blade Runner! Now, if only some of the celluloid out there could match the designs that suck us in...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding Rhythm ( Looking for the perfect beat )

Lately, my work has become my alter-ego of sorts. I've started a new job that functions 24 hours a day--- and they've got me for 12 of them! ( Don't judge me wrong, the money is superb and I'm not turning that down) Maybe I'm premature in thinking this, but finding a rhythm amid this chaos is just that--- CHAOS!! You just wanna transform into your Alter Ego costume and see that justice is served!!! Any artist with a commitment will understand this...

Imagine waking up, and the first thing you see is your art table... On that table is a small stack of unfinished pages and one-sheets... The urge to finish them BURNS a hole in the very pit of your stomach! You desperately want to sit down with a cup of java and nail your imagination to the wall, but the need to hit the highway to make cash money is even greater?! Not to mention that when the day is over, you feel like a complete drunk--- Y'know, kinda like when your brain and inner dialogue seems fine, but your body and its functions rebel against everything you say or do?

I feel wasted as I type my feelings on being wasted! Jeez... Life comes at you fast.

Hopefully, I'll have another shot at the table when I get a day off... And on that day: ZZZZZZZZ!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Renaissance or Revolution?

Takehiro Inoue, Ryoichi Ikegami, Marini , &
Roger Ibanez ....

Now, it's no secret that what you see here are drawn by some of my biggest influences.

It's amazing how much respect is placed on the artform of comics outside of the U.S. The wealth of material coming out of the European/Asian/Spanish markets are STAGGERING! The point, you say? Simple....

They're independant creations.
Over the last month, I've been hearing alot of talk about the state of the comics industry; specifically in the need for creators to produce new independant works.
(Anybody catch Robert Kirkman's video plea for creators? Anyone?)

Heh. I've talked about this before, but have you ever noticed that when new blood enters the industry with their own piece of comic dynamite, it's only a matter of time before you see them working on Daredevil or Superman? Once that happens, ever notice how the title they broke in with begins to fade into the background...? It happens more than you think... It happens more than I think... But what do I know?

We NEED another CEREBUS, another BONE, another LOVE & ROCKETS--- Hell; somewhere in America, there's a kid in his/her basement sitting on what could be the next WATCHMEN... If anyone's listening, then it should only be a matter of time... Right? Meanwhile, in the overseas market, the creators over there continue their new works with PASSION and unrestricted FREEDOM--- I mean, would you fight over the pencilling chores of the next Superman if you own EVANGELION?

That's the mindset of international creators for the largest part. Because they believe that theres always room for QUALITY CREATIONS.... Let me repeat that... QUALITY CREATIONS. That's why, in Japan for example, [their] lowest indie press title over there sells between 800,000 to 1 million copies a month.

To creators everywhere, I salute you all. The Next Big Thing is actually the simplest:
A new lineup of kick-ass titles for every genre!

I can live with that. What about you?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bridge over troubled water

A Fierce moment.
This pic can double as a PSA for drunk driving.

(twisted thought...)

The Family Reunion

One of my friends came home from Barcelona for a quick home visit, and I had an opportunity to meet up with everybody in Charlotte, NC for a day. Alot of photos were taken, alot of laughs, alot of good tidings--- and as I look around, I'm reminded of how fortunate I've been to have friends that are more like family than 'people I know'.

Because we never know what tomorrow may bring, it's good to keep in mind the great things we do have left.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my family. This moment is dedicated to them.

Some of us were hung over from the night before... But it's not like anyone could tell. We're tough like that.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blaxploitation & Payback flix: classic inspiration! pt. 2

6 foot Iconic:
Rockin' a Benelli pump with a fur coat! The Immortal Tamara Dobson, aka CLEOPATRA JONES!

The image says it all.

Okay. Back to work.

Blaxploitation & Payback flix: classic inspiration! pt. 1

Two great examples in genre. Revenge or Payback flicks are nothing new (Kill Bill, City of Violence, SPL, etc.), and many owe their existence to the payback flix of old. One of the best revenge flix out there is ROLLING THUNDER w/ William Devane & Tommy Lee Jones. Tarantino was dead on the money when he used the phrase ' Ass-kicking Nirvana!!'--- Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, is the Blaxploitation genre. TRUCK TURNER w/ Issac Hayes & Nichol Nicholas is a crown jewel in the genre, and after viewing it, you too will easily see where Tarantino's 'ghetto-rhythm' flow of dialogue comes from!

The point of all this---? You'd be amazed at the wealth of visual storytelling that can be found in these genres. In order to build a new anything, you have to pay respect to the old foundations that came before! I'm not saying go out and create cheap rip-offs, have your own original thought process--- but never be afraid to pay back the old masters ! ( I know, I know--- another geek rant, but hey--- these are some GREAT MOVIES!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ode to Sir Michael Caine: geek moment

There's something to be said for iconic actors. None come any better than Sir Michael Caine! Now, I know I should be back on the art table right now, but since today is TCM's day-long movie marathon for the actor, my attention span is a little scattered today... Hard to work on pages when great flicks like Alfie, Pulp, Zulu, and (arguably) the mother of Brit tough guy flicks, Get Carter flash on the screen!

Besides, Carter is a character archetype for one of my own characters... What better inspiration to pull from? Admittedly, I'd love to do a Get Carter comic adaptation simply for the love of the Brit Crime genre! ( hint, hint... Heh)

I know that most one today's movie generation know Michael Caine mainly from his role as 'Alfred' from 'The Dark Knight' & 'Batman Begins', but dig deeper, and then you'll understand why he's in demand more today than ever before.

" You're a big man--- But you're out of shape, and for me, it's a full time job--- Sit down..."

" You want to know a man; look into his eyes... I look into your eyes--- like cat piss in snow..."


That's Old School Brilliance right there!! When you see flicks like LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, SNATCH, and even better LAYER CAKE, you see Michael Caine's template at work!

Well, that was my geek moment. Back to the drawing board.