Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Is this thing on?

Ladies and Gentlemen, that pirate blogsite that orbitted the blogosphere for oh so long was disabled due to technical issues waaaaaay back in 2011. Those of you who followed me on Facebook & Twitter since that time, I thank you for sticking with me and standing by me. It's been a long, hard, and strange road since that time.

As of today, the Infamous RodBuddah has returned to reclaim the pyramids and realign my fat ass back upon the throne of the Wilder Kingdom! As time progresses, expect more ranting, raving, and telling tales of the Industry At Large and Pop Culture as it stands.

Besides, anyone who kept up with my rantings up until the disconnect can see how much of what I said has already come to pass... And I AM JUST GETTING STARTED!

Thank you



long live the kAng

The Infamous RodBuddah said...

It's good to be home, Ad-- it's good to be home. Let's begin, shall we?