Friday, December 27, 2013


BACK!!! Back once again to bring you, dear blog readers, into the orbit of the ever elusive PLANET GRIFFIN! As your absent host, THE INFAMOUS
RODBUDDAH, I can NOW, at long last, open my 
mouth fully about WHY I have been so absent and WHY I have spoken so roundabout on this topic for months on end...

PLANET GRIFFIN, in cooperation with INK WESTLAKE, has been producing a new podcast show.

Yes, the man who's been ranting and raving on this 
very page will have an actual voice, and soon you too can say to yourself, "This guy?!" LOL!

I am very excited and proud to introduce, for the first time, the coming of THE MIDNIGHT SHOW
Now, of course, some people say 
"Is it a music show?" or 
"Is it an interview show like CHARLIE ROSE?"
I promise you that THE MIDNIGHT SHOW will be like nothing you've heard on a podcast show. Period.
This is one of several produced teaser trailers for the new madness debuting in 2014. As the trailers continue, more information will appear informing you of where the new episodes will appear... Much like a rave that everybody asks for the location for... When the final PREVIEW APOCALYPSE NOW debuts, you will have ALL the information needed to partycrash the new show... And for all the love you have shown PLANET GRIFFIN over the years in site traffic and emails, YOU ARE ALL INDEED WELCOME!

2014 will BE the new insanity, and (strait)jackets will be available at the door. I look forward to all who attend when the new show appears.

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Rodney Blackwell said...

Wow... Still going... :)