Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Next 100: Myron Macklin, ArtNinja at large!

Taking a brief respite from all the rant and devoting a moment to rave about a member of 'the Next 100'. For those who have noticed my own work as of late, the color palette ( otherwise known as the 'visual color soundtrack') is the creation of this man--- Myron Macklin, owner and design shogun of the Charlotte N.C. based studio, ARTNINJA.

The brand of ArtNinja has graced several international magazines, including a kick-ass spread of the SPIRIT in the COMIC BOOK ARTIST MAGAZINE tribute to the great Will Eisner. Currently, Myron is hard at work on a graphic novel project of his own, while still devoting time as letterer and color supervisor on my own graphic novel, FIERCE CREATURES.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it--- check out his red-hot design site, (check my Fierce Worlds sidebar for easy access) and brace yourself for the future magic this guy's about to produce!

Which reminds me... PLANET GRIFFIN is looking for those who would like to rank among the NEXT 100! Pundits, Send your comments! Haters, do your job and send the hate mail!! Start spreading the word that THE NEXT 100 are coming!


Mdoubble said...

That's pretty nice of you Rod B. I guess all of the struggle and erasing has a place after all. If people check out the vids, they'll notice that I'm drawing with the ink instead in drawing tight. I have you to thank for that. "Look Mom, no hands!"

Thanks for this accolades, but more for keeping me on my toes.

Brian Miller said...

YES!! He definitely has some great work. I love seeing videos of people's studios - anything that give s a glimpse inside a day in the life.

These last few posts of yours have been ass kickers - keem em comin!