Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ringside Seat

Continuing from my last post, this is a big dedication to ALL of my Next 100 brothers and sisters out there, maintaining the fight in a comics landscape that's been laid low. Despite the troubles that plague the industry right now, the future is actually brighter than many of us let on.

For example... Lets take a trip into the WayBack Machine for this one...

For those of you who remember the days of the distributor wars of the early 90's--- when Image first came into play, when the DC bullpens were abuzz with rumors of a merger with some conglomerate called TimeWarner, when black publications like independant coalitioned Amara and DC-owned Milestone were firing shots across each others bow for no reason, and when Marvel was licking it's wounds because of the Image explosion--- there was a little known distro known as Cold Cut. Cold Cut & Diamond squared off toe-to-toe with one another; Cold Cut playing Apollo Creed to Diamonds' Ivan Drago. With Diamond's plans of forming exclusive contracts, Cold Cut had no fight left--- well, we all know what happened to Apollo.

Fast forward.

Diamond operates with a retailer base of about 4300 worldwide to date. Within the past year, an upstart known as Haven Distributors have come along and have quickly established themselves as number 2 behind Diamond with a retailer base of about 2300... And growing!

To many people out there, no one really knew what a Haven was, much less if any kind of alternate operating system existed out there. Imagine my surprise to discover that Haven is the reformation of Cold Cut Distribution! On top of that, it seems that Diamond's minimum sales cap of $6200 ( that's right--- more than the previously aforementioned $2500 that was speculated on earlier. ) is just the seed of revolution that Haven needed to have their offices flooded with calls from new clients looking for an alternate, cheaper distro... Just goes to show that what is past is prologue.

New round 2.

To all my Next 100 out there, I say this:

The most dangerous realization in the existence of power
is an idea. The idea is what created power in the first place, so
its only ironic that power would attempt to destroy the very
thing that created it... Which it can't.

We hold the future frontrow tickets to the next match... Underdogs versus Big Dogs-on-the-porch... Care to place your bets?

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