Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mob Mentality

Ah yes... The ever immortal gutmuncher known as the zombie film. Leave it to the international film community to show us how it's done. Riding the new wave of horror celluloid in France, LA HORDE (or The Horde in english) revolves around a small band of corrupt Paris cops, out for revenge against the gangsters who murders one of their own. It's not until the two factions square off in an abandoned building that the global zombie outbreak happens... Naturally, the survivors are in for a very bad night.

Directed by newcomer Yannick Dahan, this flick ups the ante in a big way, boasting the largest body count (no pun intended) ever on film and cranks the chaos factor way up, making a convincing argument that if the world were to come to an end, this is very well what it could look like! Debuting in France February 10th, American-based IFC has already picked up the film for US distribution. Judging from the early buzz, this is one outbreak I intend to get caught in!