Friday, February 12, 2010

The NEXT 100: Through The Looking Glass Of Elizabeth Raab

How many of you out there got tired of looking at the same old post, awaiting the return of new PLANET material? Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the long awaited return of PLANET GRIFFIN--- I am your resident ranter and motivational speaker The Infamous RODBUDDAH, and, as promised, I told you I would return with NEW NEXT 100 for 2010!

For the uninitiated, THE NEXT 100 focuses on those indie talents who are on the rise; fast tracked to bring you new sights, sounds, and different ways of thinking outside of the same old things you may be used to. Today, we take a hard turn into the world of photograpghy and introduce (or re-introduce for those of you on the New York scene) the incredible visual eye of ELIZABETH RAAB.

Based out of Seattle, Elizabeth's work leans towards creative portraitures and automotive imagery. Her slates have graced publications here in the U.S. and Italy, which gained the attention of Ducati Motorcycles. Her style focuses on vivid color palettes and surreal backdrops that's quickly establishing her as one who doesn't shy away from getting 'the magic shot'.
Check out her pictorial site, WWW.ELIZABETHRAAB.COM, to see more, and definitely what's to come. Don't be surprised to see this talent popping up in print ads all over the place in the coming year! PLANET GRIFFIN is definitely proud to welcome this indie hard charger as a member of THE NEXT 100!

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