Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is the PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDITION of THE BIG BUZZ, that moment in time where the pirate blogcast focuses on what's soon-to-be-new-to-the-block and whether or not it'll blow you out of shoes and socks! From the demented minds of SPLASH DAMAGE in conjunction with BETHESDA SOFTWORKS comes BRINK, a maddening class based, first person shooter that's quickly being touted as the 'genre-breaker and game changer of the industry'... A title utilizing the latest version of the SMART program (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain--- the first version appeared in a PS2 series known as Syphon Filter), the London based Splash Damage crew boldly claims to deliver a 'run & gun' that flows as smoothly as the trailer displayed above... Now you can understand why the buzz on this is so HUGE!

BRINK opens with the Ark, a self sustaining habitat designed to comfortably house 5,000, now forced to sustain 50,000 in light of a massive ecological collapse... After two decades of social unrest, Ark society now stands on the brink of all out civil war... That's where you come in.

The heavy influences involved, from the modern art style known as Hyperrealism to Parkour to the overall theme of 'arcology' ( a term coined by H.G. Wells used to describe self sufficient mega structures used to house people in the future), are hyped to full effect as Splash Damage readies BRINK for its grand unveiling this fall. If this title can truly capture the badassery of the trailer, then we could very well be witnessing the brink of greatness. This is THE BIG BUZZ.

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