Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time's Up?

In my humble opinion, 24 was one of those shows that just clicked with me. The first TV series of it's kind to successfully recreate the 'real time' format first pioneered by Alfred Hitchcock (ROPE), and though several attempts have been made over the years (the last was Johnny Depp's NICK OF TIME), none has ever captured the raw suspense that 24 achieved...

... And now, it may well be over, as FOX execs announce that Jack Bauer may be facing his last day with Season 8. Judging from the spiraling plotline as of late, I have to agree. As a 24 enthusiast (I have the entire run of the show in a collection I refer to as 'The Seven Bad Days Of Jack Bauer'), even I realize that the shows time has come... Which says alot about most media that keeps hanging on in the face of doom (i.e., Idol). FOX does mention a feature film and IDW is prepping a possible comic series.

Not to worry, Jack. You're not forgotten.

Time's up, that's all.

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