Friday, May 21, 2010

All The Rage For Rachel: Volume 2 Debut!

As some of you may know by now, original NEXT 100 member JOHN ASTON released RACHEL RAGE VOL. 2 this past Tuesday... The indie cult hit is quickly hitting it's stride as the South Carolina writer/creator's moving into his second story arc, SHORT TIME WOMAN. (Check out the OldeTowneComix link on the sidebar to order Volume 2, as well as Volume 1- HEARTLAND)
Volume 2 compiles 3 supplemental stories to the Rachel universe which were previously seen and one tale, The Big Caged Bird, that's new to print, unseen on the website (another reason to purchase the book since that tale not only introduces a new character integral to the Rachel Rage storyline, but also bridges the 2 volumes).

Also included within Volume 2 are pin-ups showcasing the established indie players (like NEXT 100 alums SAMAX AMEN from GHETTOMANGA.COM and multiple award winner JAY POTTS of THE WORLD OF HURT) as well as the new upstarts (the incredible debut of ERIK WILLIAMS, DEREK DAVIS and RAYMOND SANDERS)--- Of course, I save my own contribution for last, but certainly not least.

John Aston's work is definitely cut out for him as he preps the next chapter installment of STW for the site, as well as other surprises planned for later in the year (more on that later, but I can personally GUARANTEE that you'll want to be here for the exclusive first word!). After reading the work for yourself, you too will be celebrating the arrival of the new queen of the grindhouse set: RACHEL RAGE!

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