Friday, May 28, 2010

Comic News And The Latest Fashion

Ah, this old chestnut... WEDNESDAY COMICS has finally been released as a hardcover... Given the state of the industry since the last time you saw this image on PLANET GRIFFIN, and given the discounted prices to which it can be obtained, this edition is worthy of your bookshelf... Better make it count, seeing as how DC has announced it's price hike of $3.99 of standard comics across the board beginning in August...

July 8th is X-MEN DAY with the release of X-MEN #1 by Paco Medina. Marvel touts that this is the first #1 issue of X-Men in almost 20 years--- apparently, we forgot...

... Lastly, TOM SPURGEON over at CBR raised a few questions concerning what arguments should be had across comic internet blogs... I've decided to attempt a few of my own answers to the questions he posed... Just to get it started...

Does reprinting archival comics have a moral component?
Not really. While this particular area of the genre owes a great deal to those creators who came before us, the companies that hold the rights to said works rarely kick back royalties in a timely fashion, so while a moral component does exist here, it's not necessarily adhered to.

Why are so many Direct Market shops still female unfriendly?
For the same reason that comics have been male oriented for so long---comics have long been considered exploitive power fantasies for young geeks who couldn't find an audience with the very same female crowd they longed for... Some of those geeky kids grew up to run said businesses that never sought to scare the females away, they just didn't know how to approach them. Despite the fact that times have changed and some progress has been made, that age old stigma of geeky guys who grew up to become geeky men who still don't know how to approach the female audience at large... I mean, have you ever walked into one of these shops to find Brad Pitt behind the glass?

What are all these superhero comics really saying?
In such a general term, what can they say? The same recurring themes have been recycled for decades by the Big 2; not sure whether to go with innovation or nostaglia (and by the way fellas, one cannot serve two masters). It's still cool to have the big guns, big fights, and big breasts, as long as there's a different way to present it. The phrase 'Everything's derivative' exists for a reason... And not to get it twisted, but even though superhero movies may produce big numbers at the multiplex, why is it that the comics these movies are based on don't produce the same in the Direct Shops? Think about it.

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