Saturday, June 21, 2008

Epic Thought

Picture this: Sitting in a smoke-heavy bar, talking with a group of guys about football. Random talk. The first guy says, " If it were me, I'd be Head Coach." Second guy, wiping budweiser off his shirt, says, " Bump that, I'd own the team." The third guy says, " Man, y'all thinking too small! I'd be head of the league, makin' money off all y'all!" Welcome to alpha male bonding, folks.

" What about you, Rod?---" Here it comes... "Whatcho' think?" Okay...

"Simple. I'd own the stadiums themselves. " You could almost see the question marks form over their heads. " Cuz' while the Head of the League is stressing over keeping the money hungry Team owners in line, and the team owners are stressing over their clubs questionable season; INCLUDING whether or not to replace the head coach--- ALL OF YOU WOULD STILL HAVE TO COME TO ME. WITHOUT ME, WHERE WOULD YOU PLAY?!"

Moral of the story: Think big. Never dream small.

I call my line of thinking 'Epic Thought'.

Aesop never had it so good.

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