Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Story of Bill

Now here's something that irks the hell outta me... It kills me when I come across people with incredible talent, yet they care nothing about it. Worse, when they're presented with an incredible opportunity and they blow it off like it's not worth the time or energy. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Here's an example: I went to a show a few years back along with an art college buddy of mine (for sake of arguement, we'll call him Bill). In comparison, my work PALES to his. His art style is a stylized mix of Kevin MacGuire and Adam Hughes. ( My fellow comic geeks, try to imagine THAT?!) Anyways, the comic con is in full swing, and after only two hours, my drawing hand is already struggling to keep up with the sketches and commission pieces I've got lined up. Bills' want list has TWICE the numbers--- and he's already cleared the first twenty within only 90 minutes (no headshots, people--- full composite shots all)!
While I marvel at this, many of the professional artists at the con approach the table and Bill reacts to each one like they're old friends. Worse yet, they really are! The jaw dropper comes when an editor ( a MARVELous one) bellies up and asks outright, " So when're you gonna come to New York and join the bullpen?" The response?

" That's cool an' all, but I'm thinking of creating a band--- that's more my speed."
The silence was unheard of. My heart dropped so far into the pit of my stomach, I swear, I would've lost it if I farted, because one damning factoid was known only to me at the table:

He did not sing nor did he play an instrument of any kind. OMG....

As the day ended, Bill turns to me and says, " Do you think I should've taken the Marvel offer?"
Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, you have heard the damning testimony. It will now be left to you to decide. I damn sure can't.

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