Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Apocalypse Now Pt.1

Putting together a comic series from the ground up can be pretty taxing, whether you enjoy piecing the elements together or not. I feel alot like Martin Sheen, traveling amid unstable conditions and psychological nightmares just to get to his objective, Marlon Brando--- The pressures along the way can almost be described as surreal; forcing yourself to avoid tunnel vision for fear of missing something important along the way... Living within a vacuum devoid of an art community to speak of can do that to you.
Imagine, you're writing , illustrating, inking, and doing market prep on a 6 issue series ( at 36 pages per book) completely on your own. If not for the color wizardry of Myron Macklin, I'd REALLY be stuck... And he's dividing that time between his own projects! That kind of business relationship is super rare to come by--- Thank God he's also my best friend!

I've burned many a late night hour crafting this thing, as well as other projects--- giving 110% each time to ensure satisfaction to those that deserve it the most--- the audience!
To those who have waited for this, hold on a little while longer while I polish this thing down.

I should know--- to do it half-assed means I simply give you the anguish and pain of Martin Sheen's' character. To do it right means I can give you Marlon Brando--- and everybody loves Brando, right?

P.S. Check out ARTNINJA.COM for more of Mr. ImMACKulate Conception himself, Myron Macklin.

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Mack said...

Thanks for the props amigo. Post some panels cause in comics, the sugar's in the showin:)