Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Running on Empty

A funny moment.

I'm at a local gas station paying for gas. The man in front of me is struggling with a decision--- Whether to put his remaining cash in his gas tank or buy a pack of somkes. As a joke, I decide to engage in the debate.

I tell him, " Imagine this: Whichever way you go is gonna be a tough call. Say that you decide on the cigarettes. Now considering how much you have, you may or may not make it to your destination. Now, say you're out of gas, sitting on the side of the road, getting laughed at by an old man who's been walking everywhere all his life.... I smoke, yes.... But I also like getting home without incident."

He ponders the thought a minute... And decides on the smokes! He looks at me and says, " I may be on the side of the road, young man, but dammit, I WILL be comfortable in my discomfort". I accept it and we part ways.

Would you believe that I would run into this guy some two hours later on the side of the road with a TOW TRUCK picking up his car! As I drive past the scene, I notice that the guy merely stands there laughing with the tow driver, taking a big pull off a cigarette that he may not have had had he decided otherwise.

Then I thought about what he said: being comfortable in his discomfort.
If he was REALLY smart, he could've sold the scenario to a cigarette company.
You can't buy those kinds of advertising moments, can you?

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