Friday, July 18, 2008

Hitmen Don't Blog

To my best friend Adarryl... It's his fault.

The nickname RodBuddah was one of those things that kinda slipped out one night at dinner. Hanging out at an Asian restaurant in Charlotte, one of the owners came out and we made introductions. I was introduced, and some of the female staff began to giggle. Later I learned that many of the kitchen staff thought I was a hitman in town to visit friends.

A hitman... C'mon now... The year was 1994.

Of course, as time went on, some folks (who shall remain nameless ) have thrown in little tidbits to accentuate the joke...(' He's great at making things look like an accident', or 'His assassin characters' are composites of his work', or 'He's an artist all right... Death for profit')

For almost 14 years I have worn the nickname around my neck like a golden albatross, leaving many people with the assumption that I am, in fact, a contract killer for hire. ( One person seriously tried to 'hire' me back in 98' in a Vietnamese diner--- for a group that happened to be four tables over--- you can imagine how quickly I paid the bill and bailed)

I don't kill people for a living, okay? I do write the exploits of an assassin, but it's pulp fiction, not real time! So, I hope I have settled the matter. Granted, to a then struggling artist, the idea of 5,000 a head seemed tempting, but it's that kinda movie mentality that ends only in misfortune and maybe the death penalty. Besides, hitmen don't blog--- not even the narcissistic ones.

Let me know when you get the joke.;)

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