Sunday, December 20, 2009

THE BIG BUZZ: The Seedy Side Of The Brush: SHINJUKU

DARK HORSE plans to shake up the new year with the upcoming OGN, SHINJUKU, crafted by writer Christopher 'Mink' Morrison (from Tarantino's A BAND APART crew) and artist Yoshitaka Amano (isn't he a famous artist?)! Set for release in March 2010, the story takes place 10 years into the future as bounty hunter Daniel Legend tracks down his sister in the heart of the seedy neon underworld of Tokyo; falling headlong into the center of two underworlds at war--- one criminal, and one infernal. Hard Boiled Crime, Sorcery, and something completely different, SHINJUKU HC is definitely a title that'll stand tall upon my bookshelf! I mean, the work pretty much speaks for itself...
This title is the first in a series of original OGN's planned by Dark Horse Comics throughout 2010. The early buzz of the creative team's output for this title is extremely good; something Dark Horse promises as 'the beginning of visual and literary genius'... I can't wait to see if they're right! As far as the OGN aspect is concerned, I think Dark Horse is going for something more than mere serialization... But I'll let you be the judge...This is PLANET GRIFFIN and THE BIG BUZZ.

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