Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The InHuman Distance

As we approach the end of 2009, no other news story can even come close to the events that took place here in North Carolina less than a month ago...

... It revolved around 5 year old SHANIYA DAVIS.

The autopsy report stated the cause of death was asphyxiation--- it also states that the child was raped. Some reports state that the mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis (currently charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution), gave the child to Mario Andrette McNeill (first degree rape/murder/kidnapping) to settle up drug debts. This local story captured world attention (SHAQUILLE O'NEAL himself paid the bill for the funeral cost), and left no heart untouched... I assumed the worst was over.

I was wrong.

International News wire confirmed 3 days ago that a mother in Tokyo was arrested for selling her ONE YEAR OLD daughter to an unemployed 46yr. old man for sexual acts... Acts that she was present for, citing that "...the child was too small to be left alone..." The mother also claimed that she needed money--- "I was having difficulty with living costs". Police also discovered evidence of other pornographic images in the man's home, suggesting that the infant may not have been the first...

I cannot, and I mean CANNOT, fathom what motivates people to sink to such levels of depravity. As a parent, I'm terrifyingly aware that my children must face far more horrors, both subtle AND straightforward, than I did in my time. You know what's scarier than being afraid for the babies...?

...Being more afraid of what you're capable of when faced with such a situation... And while this may sound like some sociopathic rant, I'm absolutely convinced that there is not ONE parent out there who wouldn't agree. The days grow shorter, the times get harder, and the inhuman distance between sanity and madness is dangerously closer than you think... In this case, it's as simple a difference as looking into a child's eyes and seeing the potential of what could be, versus looking into the lifeless eyes of what could've been--- cut short by someone who couldn't realize their own.

So, to all you parents out there, I say knuckle yourselves up and stand strong as stone for your children, even as the world continues to chisel and chip away at you. Remember that the strength of the inhuman distance lies in our indifference and inaction. Lets teach our little ones how to widen the gap. Shaniya and the others would thank us for it.


Brian Miller said...

Man all these stories have me wanting to move to the hills with mass amounts of guns. I know I shouldn't be shocked at how depraved we are - but I always am when I read stories like this, especially now that I have a kid.

I'm ready for my King to take us home...

RodBuddah said...

It's really difficult to look at things of this nature and not feel angry to the point of Charles Bronson sometimes. Again, as a parent, it makes me even more 'watchdog' over my own.

All hail the King, Brian. All hail the King indeed.

MsGeneva said...

Being a non-parent, I must say, this is dispicable the way that people think that just because they gave birth to a child, gives them the right to do whatever they want to/with them. Children deserve the right to live free from pain and torture. In my belief, There should be a screening process and licensing for parents. The hell you have to go through to get a driver's license, a marriage license or hell, even a DOG license, should be triple to have a child. Not just for the safety issues, but hell, that would save us MILLIONS in taxes because of the welfare issue....shit, buddah, don't get me started.


Rodney Blackwell aka RodBuddah said...

Okay, okay, I won't get you started, MsG. (lol) In all seriousness, as a parent myself, the fears of the external effects on my children increase tenfold--- ESPECIALLY when things of this nature come along to bolster the fears I try to keep from distraction.

Once you look into the eyes of a child that looks like you, letting them down is like letting YOURSELF down... You know what, maybe you shouldn't get ME started... Lol
Thanks for chiming in on this one!