Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Mystery Of John Twelve Hawks

Back in 2005, a mysterious writer known only as delivered a dystopian sci-fi tale centered around a special group of dreamtime travellers and the covert guards who protect them... The book was titled, simply, JOHN TWELVE HAWKSTHE TRAVELER, and became a huge cult hit, especially to rabid Matrix fans seeking the latest, unexplored realm of sci-fi/fantasy.

In fact, the Fourth Realm Trilogy is what the writer planned to give them.

In the series, there exists a group of rebels, known as Harlequins, who live 'off the grid'--- almost completely invisible from the ever watchful eye of 'Big Brother', now cranked up to 12 ( Of course, you don't know at this point whether to thank George Orwell or The Wachowski Brothers for this one)--- fighting desperately to break the reign of a multi-national mega corporation whose means of complete world control lie in a special breed of 'Traveler', a person who can travel the 'dream-time' realm and through their ability, possibly unlock the secrets of time and space.

Maya, among the last of the Harlequins, seeks out Gabriel, a newly formed traveler, to protect him at any and all costs. Gabriel is now a target and his own brother, Michael, is in the employ of the 'Machine' out to get him!

Along with THE DARK RIVER and it's newly newly released conclusion, THE GOLDEN CITY, Twelve Hawks' fan base of sci-fi fans in general and Matrix fans specifically would quickly establish him as a world class writer the world at large has yet to realize... And now that ALEX TSE (WATCHMEN) is adapting the Fourth Realm trilogy for the big screen, those same fans cheer for that very writer who may get his hard earned claims after all--- if only his fans knew who he actually was.

You see, no one knows who John Twelve Hawks is. The name is a pseudonym, the writer has never been seen live, the Vintage publishing offices claims that the writer communicates with them over an untraceable line using a voice scrambler, and book tours always winds up with stand-in representatives. By the writer's own admission, he truly lives 'off the grid'. As production gets under way, the natural speculation over Twelve Hawks' true identity is becoming as rabid as his book sales.

APAuthor James Frey James Frey. Oprah Book Club Public Enemy #1

Heavyweight names like Stephen King, James Patterson, and Michael Chabon have been tossed around, but with the recent release from the New York Post, JAMES FREY, the controversial author of 'A Million Little Pieces' (the one Oprah famously praised, then viciously discredited as fraud) may be the reclusive writer... A Nom de Plume that Frey says "I will neither confirm nor deny that I am John Twelve Hawks, Pittacus Lore, or anyone else . . . I will say that I have done, and I am continuing to do, projects that will come out anonymously or with invented names on them." Frey's upcoming alien series, 'I Am Number Four' (due out in August) has just been optioned by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

Now, the question begging to be asked in all of this is, Whether or not Frey is or isn't, why use pseudonyms in the first place? Surely, from a cautious man's point of view, a pseudonym would be beneficial after getting reamed by Oprah on live television, of course, but seeing as how Frey's got no less than NINE projects upcoming; ALL using fake names, how does this benefit the literary world? The fourth realm trilogy is a decent series (I've read them myself), but the need for such secrecy over being real under those circumstances never made much sense to me. Of course, what do I know? Check out the Fourth Realm trilogy and judge for yourself...

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