Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Takes Bronze, Striking Gold

PLANET GRIFFIN, still holding orbit over the pop culture stratosphere, rests its case concerning its claims over the return of cool ass retro, and bringing back the grand cliffhanging adventure of yesteryear!

I was stoked to see this one--- Columbia Pictures, in conjunction with Original films, has begun pre-production on the 'Superman of the Pulps', DOC SAVAGE, THE MAN OF BRONZE!

The iconic pulp character of the 30's and 40's has passed from nickel-back novel to popular radio show to the resurgence of the pulp novel format back in the late 90's (Doc was the primary inspiration for Siegel and Shuster when they made you believe a man could fly)... And now, the super scientist has fallen into the hands of another throwback--- Doc Director SHANE BLACK.

Black, the Mark Millar of film writers during the late 80's/early 90's; creator of his own iconic creations (Lethal Weapon, Long Kiss Goodnight, The Last Boy Scout, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), boasts one of the largest collections of pulp fiction and antique detective novels in the country, says he's ecstatic over landing the job and being able to saddle up to another upcoming pulp film adaptation, THE GREEN HORNET (which is probably why Columbia wisely greenlit Savage in the first place). Seeing as how they've given Black free license over the project, I'm excited for the end result, knowing that this will mark the return of Shane Black with a vengeance!

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