Wednesday, April 14, 2010

THE BIG BUZZ: D.I.Y. Guerilla Filmmakers

Staying on task to continue bringing you the cool oddities of pop culture, PLANET GRIFFIN brings you another taste of THE BIG BUZZ! The Planet came across this little 7 minute short tribute film to the ruling king of First Person Shooting platforms, MODERN WARFARE 2. NIKO PUERINGER and SAM GORSKI share directorial duties for their film 'FROZEN CROSSINGS', which cost them only $209.42 to make, and has made quite an impression on YouTube after scoring over
1 million views
in only 6 days!

The digital effects overall are pretty impressive considering what these guys have had to work with. The dynamic duo are already planning a Part 2 to this series and have already begun turning heads in all the right places. This film is just another great example of the growing number of DIY go-getters who believe that if you want something new, you have to create it yourself! Given more of a budget and more story, I'm positive these guys can give the Hollywood heads a run for their money!

Stay tuned to more PLANET GRIFFIN and THE BIG BUZZ!


Myron said...

That was Brilliant. Love this kind of stuff.

RodBuddah said...

It's like I said--- more and more people are taking on the notion that if you want something new, you've gotta MAKE it yourself instead of waiting for it!

I'm stoked to see the 2nd half.