Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sandbox Spaghetti West: Rockstar Returns With A Vengence

Now here's something cool to sink your teeth into! In the world of videogames, the most hotly anticipated game of the year comes from the innovators of 'sandbox' gaming, ROCKSTAR GAMES... This time, instead of the urban blight of Liberty City, the setting is sent through the wayback machine to the daze of the Spaghetti West--- RED DEAD REDEMPTION is now ready for platform release of May 18th.
As an added bonus, Rockstar has even enlisted Director JOHN HILLCOAT to helm a 30 minute trailer of the game utilizing machinma (Machinma is a creative narrative using the video game's assets, which is basically an in-game animated film). Hillcoat, who reinvigorated the western genre with THE PROPOSITION, has finished a current edit which turned out to be so good, the trailer has been upgraded to broadcast--- the 30 minute short will air on FOX Saturday, MAY 15th.

Judging from the overall look of this platformer, Rockstar games has really done its homework, consuming seemingly every italian spaghetti western ever made--- from the panoramic vistas of SERGIO LEONE to the over-the-top violence of SERGIO CORBUCCI.

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