Monday, April 19, 2010

THE BIG BUZZ: The Return Of The Wrong Mexican

GrindHouse (noun): American slang term for a particular genre of 70's films and the theaters that ran them. Known for it's non-stop lineups of double and triple billed B movies, grindhouses ran mostly exploitive films that weren't usually found in the A-list theaters; with film prints often shown in the poorest quality (severely scratchy negatives, clipped dialogue, etc.)... The home video boom of the 80's rendered the grindhouse set obsolete, but the thematics of the genre still holds true to this day (The Direct-to-DVD Market, B Movie indies, Mixed subgenres, etc.) . The subgenres that spawned from grindhouse (blaxploitation, Women-In-Prison, Cheap horror, Kung Fu quickies, Italian crime, Euro-trash, Spaghetti Westerns, etc.) are still considered among the most memorable moments in film history--- considering that many A-list blockbusters today still borrows from those 70's elements.

Okay, enough of that.... Let's get on with the BIG BUZZ, shall we?

PLANET GRIFFIN, that pirate blogcast of pop culture and the bane of profane elements of mainstream fare, brings you yet another edition of THE BIG BUZZ. Since appearing as a trailer in the ill-fated, yet still appreciated, GRINDHOUSE back in 2007, fanboy audiences everywhere have wondered when creator ROBERT RODRIGUEZ will deliver on the full length treatment--- Dimension Films announces on SEPTEMBER 3, the bloody revenge tale of the Mexican Federale will finally be told, and with the buzz of the all star cast (Jeff Fahey, Robert DeNiro, Cheech Marin, a post prison Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, a moment of clarity filled Lindsay Lohan and a Pre-sex slave scandal Steven Seagal), the emergence of the new Mexploitation cinema appears to be eminent!

Rodriguez, along with directing partner Ethan Maniquis, will produce the film while finishing up his follow up film, PREDATORS (yes, that one)--- after that, Rodriguez may well turn his attentions back to the Machete property as Dimension Films made a follow up announcement that they seek to complete MACHETE as a trilogy! (Hence, the mexploitation franchise begins)

Here's the breakdown:
A former renegade Federale (Trejo) wanders the backstreets of Texas after the shakedown of a local drug lord (Seagal). Offered a job to assassinate a corrupt senator (DeNiro), Machete is double crossed by the man that hired him (Fahey), resulting in the payback fuelled rampage which involves a taco slinger (post Fast & Furious alum Rodriguez), a gun wielding socialite (Lohan), the Padre (Marin), and the ICE agent Sartana (Alba) who's mysteriously connected to Machete.

As a longtime fan of the 70's grindhouse set, I will be in full 42nd street mode for this one, fighting my way in line to the theater, taking my life in my hands along with scores of like-minded fans--- which is exactly what the grindhouse experience is supposed to be.

Stay tuned for more PLANET GRIFFIN and THE BIG BUZZ!

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