Friday, July 2, 2010

Black & Blue DIY: Guerilla Filmmakers On The Rise

A couple of years ago, a young collective of guerilla filmmakers from North Carolina became disheartened and bored as hell with some of the genre garbage that Hollywood continued to churn out and decided to make their own movies. By 2008, the group quickly burst onto the independent film circuit (including CANNE) with a modest budgeted flick known as THE DOGS OF CHINATOWN, a martial arts actioner that quickly turned heads with it's outrageous stunts and innovative techniques that follows in the DIY tradition of directors like ROBERT RODRIGUEZ...
Of course, it was merely a warm-up to what they were really planning next.

Under the banner of ALL ACES MEDIA, the director/producer/writer craziness of MICAH MOORE and BLAKE FAUCETTE have been tirelessly gathering up some of the best up-and-coming fight choreographers around and began shooting test footage for something completely different... BEAT DOWN BOOGIE is currently in it's raw stage (the first run footage you see above was shot with a handheld camera), but the buzz that's being generated right now has earned AAM the label of 'New School Guerilla Filmmaking At It's Best', as this mix of JACKIE CHAN meets SAMURAI CHAMPLOO for the hip hop set continues shooting through the summer.

Stay tuned to PLANET GRIFFIN and catch more coverage on their BeatDownBoogie production blog.

Dogs of Chinatown Opera Trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.


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The Infamous RodBuddah said...

And THAT'S only the raw footage! I'm actually excited to see the spit and polish of the finished product!

samax said...

word... these cats have all the skills to make big noise!