Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Take My Word For It

"Something that Pope brought up got me thinking. Basically he was saying that one reason he did his Batman 100 was in order to get the DC readers. Kind of hits a sour note with me ---I mean, I have mixed feelings about it-- I fully believe that living off of your art is a hustle and you have to pull some scams and do shit to get by but then there's the idea that I think it kind of hurts the culture of comics that so many good creators live in the shadow of DC/Marvel.

And even if I'm less hyped on Pope's batman than his other work, maybe it was something he really wanted to do and I'm sure it payed better than self publishing. I just think Pope is a lot better than Batman, and where a lot of dudes can do a decent batman comic, he's the only one that can do that specific mix of cool enough for girls thick, black batter ink comics that I miss on the shelves. That's a big part of this rant, I wish Batman 100 was years more THB or another Buzz buzz.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think creators have a lot more power than waiting for DC/Marvel to call. I always joke that if I needed them to co-sign my career I'd still be waiting."
-Brandon Graham

"MC's should have OTHER WAYS of getting money
That's to say learn other things beside music
Make money elsewhere, Hip-Hop you won't abuse it
Too many MC's, just emcee/
so their longevity, is based on an Uncle Tom
at the record company"

"The creators who have done amazing work for the “industry” – literally created masterpieces and future corporate properties – who as employees of said “industry” were then cast aside, CRUSHED. Oh, y’know, Siegel, Shuster, Simon, Kirby, Ditko, Whitney, Rude, and then all the freelancers who were popular once, or just “got work” forever but now haven’t worked for years – like Tom Grindberg who can’t get work these days because his Neal Adams-like style is just out of style…"
-Frank Santoro
Boom. Here's to the 4th of July.

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