Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ghettomanga Contest Serves Up The Goods

Independence Day stands as a double meaning here at PLANET GRIFFIN... As an American holiday where we like to gather our families together to watch things explode, and the boiling point of underground indies as they begin their creative march on the mainstream--- a march I plan to buy the tickets to!

Speaking to NEXT 100 affiliate SAMAX AMEN over at GHETTOMANGA, I've learned of two contests he's promoting and wanted to make sure the word got heard. FELIPE SMITH, formerly of MBQ fame, has long since graduated to the Manga capital of Japan, becoming the first African American to publish a major series there known as PEEPO CHOO--- a series that's captured the Japanese readers' attention in droves! Anyway, Samax got his hands on a few copies of the recently released translated version of the series and is giving them away ahead of the American release date of JULY 13th.

CONTEST #ONE: Send an email with your name and mailing address to to enter the drawing. Just make sure to put PEEPO CHOO MANGA CONTEST in the subject line to get counted! You must be 18 years or older to enter, since the Japanese has a far stranger tolerance of over the top sex and violence than most american parents...

GhettoManga presents The Felipe Smith Fan Art contest! Just draw one or more characters from Peepo Choo or MBQ or even a drawing of Felipe himself, and the winner will cop a free copy of the PEEPO CHOO vol 1! Any medium is fine... draw, paint, and even cosplay with photographs, just make sure to put FELIPE SMITH ART CONTEST in the subject line AND include your mailing address to enter! You can enter both contests or one at a time, but make sure you include the correct info to each contest you enter.
Both contests end Friday, July 9th!

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