Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Look: The Fifth Estate

Good Evening. Are we back on the air..?
Welcome back to PLANET GRIFFIN, your orbiting pirate blogcast that continues its rants and raves like Howard Beale being mad as hell at the UBS Network! As such, it's no secret in this day and age that information is power--- and no one wielded better than info hacker and WikiLeaks founder, JULIAN ASSANGE, who still resides (or hiding) in London's Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid various charges, from sex with a minor (Polanski would be proud) to espionage against the United States... Well, despite the ongoing affairs, none of this is stopping Hollywood from it's appointed rounds!
THE FIFTH ESTATE, directed by BILL CONDON to be released January 1, 2014, seeks to lift the shroud of the elusive Queensland pirate, with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH in the title role, as well as his strained relationship with close friend DANIEL DOMSCHEIT-BERG (played by DANIEL BRUHL). Throw in ANTHONY MACKIE, DAVID THEWLIS, and LAURA LINNEY, as the White House press staff determined to stop them, and we may be looking at a new version of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN--- in reverse!

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