Thursday, July 11, 2013

It May Be Remade, But It Never Gets Old

After a short break, the orbiting blogcast of PLANET GRIFFIN has returned to deliver the news on the return of director SPIKE LEE and his surprising remake chores on the Americanized version of OLDBOY, the 2003 manga masterpiece by NOBUAKI MINEGISHI/GARON TSUCHIYA, the film adaptation made famous by Korean director PARK CHAN-WOOK and fiercely championed by the likes of QUENTIN TARANTINO and the COHEN BROTHERS; bringing a fresh spin on the Payback genre.  JOSH BROLIN (No Country...) will take over the original lead role as an Advertising Executive kidnapped and forced into a 15 year incarceration in a non-descript room; only to be mysteriously released with no explanation. The next 5 days become a race against time to find out why he was held and exact the most brutal revenge imaginable as he also seeks out the people who murdered his wife and holds his daughter captive.
Spike, no stranger to controversy, is venturing into new grounds with remaking an Asian thriller; much like MARTIN SCORSESE did with his Oscar winning INFERNAL AFFAIRS remake, THE DEPARTED. This October, a decade since the release of the original film, audiences will find out whether this adaptation will be able to hold its ground and fight, because no matter how many times it may be remade, the payback just never gets old!

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