Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reading Is Fundamental... Among Other Things

PLANET GRIFFIN has arrived back to orbit to deliver more in our series of the strange and unusual thunderdome we call pop culture! Tonight, we turn our attention to something you don't normally see here... But damn if it's not entertaining!

Back in April of this year, Photographer CLAYTON CUBITT embarked on a rather ambitious video series that went viral almost overnight... The video series has scored a whopping 18 million views in over 200 countries! Cubitt's theme?  Orgasm As Art.

Yes, I said orgasm as an artform.

Now, with that said, most people would expect porn or some lurid performance that can't be shown in public theater. Cubitt quickly found a way around that, setting the stage for a deviously tasteful, though still controversial project... It was here that HYSTERICAL LITERATURE was born.

Model subjects of various ethnic backgrounds are asked to table read passages from different forms of literature; be it Toni Morrison or William Shakespeare. Underneath the table, however, is a production assistant using a Hitachi vibrator on the subject while they read! The subject is asked to read until she/he reaches a climax; creating the most honest reactions possible while being videotaped. The approach of the subject matter is what's most intriguing, as seeing how the only reactions you experience are from the reader and the simulating deed is never shown, this arthouse project has become one of the most underrated, yet talked about video series out there!

In a current series of 7 sessions, the project has recently expanded to include a recent star reading in comedienne MARGARET CHO, whose performance is hilarious and must be seen to be believed!

Not for the faint of heart or close minded... As if that would stop anyone. One thing is definitely certain: After viewing this series, you'll find that reading IS fundamental... Among other things...

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