Friday, August 1, 2008

Ode to Sir Michael Caine: geek moment

There's something to be said for iconic actors. None come any better than Sir Michael Caine! Now, I know I should be back on the art table right now, but since today is TCM's day-long movie marathon for the actor, my attention span is a little scattered today... Hard to work on pages when great flicks like Alfie, Pulp, Zulu, and (arguably) the mother of Brit tough guy flicks, Get Carter flash on the screen!

Besides, Carter is a character archetype for one of my own characters... What better inspiration to pull from? Admittedly, I'd love to do a Get Carter comic adaptation simply for the love of the Brit Crime genre! ( hint, hint... Heh)

I know that most one today's movie generation know Michael Caine mainly from his role as 'Alfred' from 'The Dark Knight' & 'Batman Begins', but dig deeper, and then you'll understand why he's in demand more today than ever before.

" You're a big man--- But you're out of shape, and for me, it's a full time job--- Sit down..."

" You want to know a man; look into his eyes... I look into your eyes--- like cat piss in snow..."


That's Old School Brilliance right there!! When you see flicks like LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, SNATCH, and even better LAYER CAKE, you see Michael Caine's template at work!

Well, that was my geek moment. Back to the drawing board.


Brian Miller said...

Sweet stuff you have goin on here Rodney - can't wait to see more pages from your comic! Any idea on when you'll be done with it? Its always fun to meet people who are doing what I'm hoping to do - keep on!

RodBuddah said...
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RodBuddah said...

'm currently alternating chapters between Book 3 and Book 4 ( I feel like the Wachowski's between Reloaded & Revolutions ). It's alot of friggin' work! I'm already shopping the title now ( I got ALOT of buzz with Dargaud out of France... But that's France;))

My deadline is the beginning of FALL. I'm the type that likes to have things finished ( that way, I don't get caught up in deadline headaches later once I commit)

Stay in touch, Chief!