Friday, August 8, 2008

Blaxploitation & Payback flix: classic inspiration! pt. 1

Two great examples in genre. Revenge or Payback flicks are nothing new (Kill Bill, City of Violence, SPL, etc.), and many owe their existence to the payback flix of old. One of the best revenge flix out there is ROLLING THUNDER w/ William Devane & Tommy Lee Jones. Tarantino was dead on the money when he used the phrase ' Ass-kicking Nirvana!!'--- Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, is the Blaxploitation genre. TRUCK TURNER w/ Issac Hayes & Nichol Nicholas is a crown jewel in the genre, and after viewing it, you too will easily see where Tarantino's 'ghetto-rhythm' flow of dialogue comes from!

The point of all this---? You'd be amazed at the wealth of visual storytelling that can be found in these genres. In order to build a new anything, you have to pay respect to the old foundations that came before! I'm not saying go out and create cheap rip-offs, have your own original thought process--- but never be afraid to pay back the old masters ! ( I know, I know--- another geek rant, but hey--- these are some GREAT MOVIES!)

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