Saturday, August 23, 2008

Renaissance or Revolution?

Takehiro Inoue, Ryoichi Ikegami, Marini , &
Roger Ibanez ....

Now, it's no secret that what you see here are drawn by some of my biggest influences.

It's amazing how much respect is placed on the artform of comics outside of the U.S. The wealth of material coming out of the European/Asian/Spanish markets are STAGGERING! The point, you say? Simple....

They're independant creations.
Over the last month, I've been hearing alot of talk about the state of the comics industry; specifically in the need for creators to produce new independant works.
(Anybody catch Robert Kirkman's video plea for creators? Anyone?)

Heh. I've talked about this before, but have you ever noticed that when new blood enters the industry with their own piece of comic dynamite, it's only a matter of time before you see them working on Daredevil or Superman? Once that happens, ever notice how the title they broke in with begins to fade into the background...? It happens more than you think... It happens more than I think... But what do I know?

We NEED another CEREBUS, another BONE, another LOVE & ROCKETS--- Hell; somewhere in America, there's a kid in his/her basement sitting on what could be the next WATCHMEN... If anyone's listening, then it should only be a matter of time... Right? Meanwhile, in the overseas market, the creators over there continue their new works with PASSION and unrestricted FREEDOM--- I mean, would you fight over the pencilling chores of the next Superman if you own EVANGELION?

That's the mindset of international creators for the largest part. Because they believe that theres always room for QUALITY CREATIONS.... Let me repeat that... QUALITY CREATIONS. That's why, in Japan for example, [their] lowest indie press title over there sells between 800,000 to 1 million copies a month.

To creators everywhere, I salute you all. The Next Big Thing is actually the simplest:
A new lineup of kick-ass titles for every genre!

I can live with that. What about you?


Myron / said...

A very nice comment on comics in (CAPTAIN)America. I agree wholeheartedly. This could be that since I didn’t get into comics with the help of my dad at say age 5, I have none of the nostalgia for the Marvel/DC kind of material when it comes to getting motivated to draw. I got in as McFarlane left Spidey for Image and Liefeld was the James Jean of pen and ink, and Wetworks was wellworth waiting for. After that, it was Sin City and Akira, then more manga. I’ve noticed I don’t go to the book store every week for the soap opera spoon feeding. When I do go, I’m looking for new insights, and to take chances on someone with the balls to do their own ish!

Brian Miller said...

I love the independent stuff. I went to the san diego comicon this year for the first time - and the jaw dropping moments were my exposure to a ton of European comics. The illustration quality is off the charts good - and the stories seem so creative (wish I spoke the languages they were written in - all I can base it off is what I'm seeing in the visuals).

It really did taint my view of the stories that are being told over and over and over again with the big companies. I still have lots of respect for them and what they've accomplished - but I haven't purchased a batman, superman, spiderman, xmen comic in years . . . except for Paul Pope's Batman.

Good stuff though.