Thursday, September 18, 2008

ReInventing an Old School Medium

Once again, the ghost of Grindhouse looms large again--- sort of.
Recent attention has come back to Robert Rodriguez' Troublemaker studios as he announces his commitment to completing a full-length version of his famous faux trailer MACHETE. Danny Trejo returns to a character that's been around since DESPERADO! The Weinstein Company has spoken publicly of making Machete a TRILOGY during the pre-prod. of Sin City 2!

The visual style of faded stains and flicker actually ADDS to the appeal of this lost genre of entertainment. It's no secret that I've talked around the subject of Grindhouse era/visual arts before--- and as so far as print media goes, I think it's a goldmine RIPE for re-inventing!

(Ha, just add a coffee stain to the top of a page, and voila! Instant conversation piece)

My love for researching different visual styles is boundless, y'all! Back to work... Oh, which reminds me, start looking for new work posts soon from yours truly. I've got an abundance of backwork piled high, and I've just gotta get it outta my system!

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