Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is the RockNRolla?

In the beginning, there was Lock, Stock, and Two smoking barrels and the underground crime/boxing film Snatch from Euro-wunderkind Guy Ritchie... Of course, after a falling out with his production partner, Matthew Vaughn ( who subsequently went on to give us the incredible L4yer Cake ), Guy's mojo didn't shine as brightly as before. He gave us Revolver, but again, without Vaughn, the film became nothing more but a string of ideas and theories as told by Andre Benjamin... ( I actually liked the visual style of Revolver, but the narrative was too chaotic--- but that's me)

Guy is indeed back. Kickass cast, incredible visuals, and the return of the smashmouth narrative that made the wunderkind shine in the first place! Hot damn! The RockNRolla!

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