Friday, September 26, 2008

Settling in to the table

I've been prattling on about create, create, and more create--- I've been watching the flow of new creative energies move silently through various mediums--- I was invited to a special film screening by a few friends in the local production a few days ago--- and as I sat there, I could feel my blood boil ( not in a bad way, mind you), and I knew then that I HAD TO GET TO MY TABLE AND PRODUCE RIGHT AWAY!!

"The next greatest thing to inspiration, is a workstation to realize it in!"

I've been somewhat quiet lately, plying my little art skills at the table after a short hiatus... I've divided my time between turning out page after page ( somewhere around page 147, and that's w/o the add-ons), finishing a new batch of one-sheets, and working on two new scripts.

Believe me, once I finish it all, I'm taking a vacation--- Probably last a day;)

Those who know me, know how I work--- And to watch the sun come up is NOTHING to me... If I don't have to work my first job, of course...
Next time you settle in to your worktable, stop a moment and say thank you.

Alright, yous mugs, back tah woik.

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Brian Miller said...

Man awesome read. I don't know what it is about other creatives being driven that motivates me, but it does every time. Whenever I read someone is working their ass off (and thankful for it too) it inspires.

Looks like the sun is setting right now out here - which means I have a whole lotta night ahead of me to work!