Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Double Feature Pt. 2: The Cute and The Vicious: Studio Anima

Continuing with tonight's blog double feature, a PLANET GRIFFIN review...

For those of you who have not seen this yet, you are now among a small handful who haven't.
PLANET GRIFFIN presents the Studio Anima from Japan... A small group of animators who have developed a CGI series known as CAT SH!T ONE , adapted from the manga series APOCALYPSE MEOW. The Manga, which originally featured a crack squad of American bunnies fighting Vietnamese cats in Vietnam, has now been updated to post 9/11 Afghanistan.

Looking to compete with America's PIXAR studios, this crew is off to a serious start! Since it's emergence on YouTube a few weeks ago, the trailer alone has generated well over a million plus hits and is a big hit with the anime/manga/and military circles! Of course, allow me to be clear that the independent creator circles overseas have more room to breathe than the mammoth challenges facing those of us here, but the level of passion and attention to detail here makes it all the more inspiring!

To my NEXT 100 out there, if this doesn't get your creative motors running, then you have definitely lost your keys!

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