Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brand New Day


Welcome one and all back to another edition of PLANET GRIFFIN and I sincerely wish you all a very Good Friday and a HAPPY EASTER--- and to everyone else out there, I say the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!

It seems that independence is everywhere nowadays--- In a posted statement today, Trent Reznor of former Nine Inch Nails fame urged all recording artists to DROP their labels. The way Trent sees it, the music industry is taking too much from the respective artist and are "... completely out of touch with the industry..." Sounds kinda familiar.

His take on it makes sense... " A CD sells for 18.98, the artist makes 80 cents... With that, the artist has to pay back the money the label lends them to make [the record in the first place], AND THEN once it's paid, the LABEL owns the work. Who the f**k made that rule...?"

"... As an artist, you are the marketer..."

Heh. I can continue, but in the interest of my cool ass readers who don't have time for the same old thing (I'll leave that to OUR industry), I'll begin with this:

It's a brand new day.

That's right. To all those who can't understand why the path continues to be so crooked, yet the industry expects them to walk straight without question, it's a brand new day...
To all those who waste too much time criticizing what the NEW do instead of what YOU do, it's a brand new day...
To all those who spend their nights taking the BLUE PILL and refusing to see what's really going on, it is truly a brand new day... And I know how to recognize the blue few because I was once ONE of you!

To all of my NEXT 100: While people like Robert Scott of the CBIA talk about rallying the market against us because our business models don't walk their runways--- yet he still supports those models who wear a failed fashion--- it is a brand new day!

As an independent, I have no bonds and therefore no bounds... Today, I introduce NEW COMIC CINEMA to the world for the first time. A new brand unveiled to a new market. Invite me into your imaginations, and I assure you of a brand that'll be as household as Tide.

The future may be uncertain, but I intend to have alot of fun getting there.
Hit me if you're with me and haters do your jobs.

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samax said...

nobody i know gives a damn about that dude...
every industry with an antiquated business model will fail eventually... and comics ain't getting a goverment bailout. the artform (and the artists) will prevail. it's natural selection.

we as artists need to let go of the past (and its broken promise to support us).
we don't need it. we never REALLY did, but now that they are TELLING us they hate us, let it go! find a new model.