Friday, April 3, 2009

Return of the BadAzz Mofo: BLACK DYNAMITE

I've been keeping up with this one for a while... Now that it's on the festival circuit, I couldn't resist posting this one. Black Dynamite is a hilarious sendup to the great blaxploitation era of the 70's, and make good use of Michael Jai White's abilities in front of the camera. (Kinda ironic that one of his best on scene moments was deleted from KILL BILL vol.2, only to have him emerge in a starring role to a film that outpaces Quentin's own GRINDHOUSE film)... Add a roster of who's who in the movie industry--- the funny-as-hell cameo of ARSENIO HALL alone is worth the price of admission!

I said it before that the new grindhouse era is re-emerging in these troubled economic times... With this one, you can definitely leave your troubles at the door!

I urge all my grindhouse goodfellas to check this one out when it drops later this year! But don't be too loud--- you'll wake the rest of the bitches!

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