Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shot Day For Night: The Rage continues!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend, cuz' it's now back to work! One who hasn't stopped to slow down is fellow Next 100 man John Aston! Working feverishly to ready a new trade paperback edition of his already hit webcomic Rachel Rage by the start of summer, John has already completed a new 30 page short based on the main villain from the Rachel Rage series: The psychotic Sheriff Stewart!

My take? John definitely earns the title of ' Grindhouse Goodfella' with this one... John actually keeps the story nice and tight here--- The ever-ominous 'theater screen' view actually enhances the storytelling, especially the opening panels of the story and the 'punch' of the ending scene.

Wanna find out how Stewart, Rachel's father no less, got that tarnished badge? Wanna find out what happens to those unfortunate souls who mess with the good Sheriff's 'constituents'?

Check it out at http://oldetownecomix.com

Tell John that PLANETGRIFFIN and The Infamous RodBuddah sent you!

Don't miss it!

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