Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Double Feature Pt.1: The NEXT 100: The Vivid adventures of David and Liz Lillie

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to a special blog double feature episode of the infamous PLANET GRIFFIN! Tonight, we continue with our ongoing series known as THE NEXT 100--- The series that showcases the next generation of artists, writers, and creators for the new pop culture that is to come! Tonight, we highlight a dynamic duo that already speaks to many blogreaders with their insightful blogspot, VIVID Productions (In a recent post, I include a special thanks to 'em), but many people state-side are only now beginning to realize what kind of one-two punch this group are planning to deliver to the industry.

The creative team of David and Liz Lillie are not widely known to the mainstream public yet, but that will soon change once their independent
title, an anthromorphic sci-fi-fantasy known as DREAMKEEPERS hits the market full steam!

Already reviewed by Ain't It Cool News and the UK Review as 'One of the most daringly original voices emerging from the independent comics scene', Dave and Liz add proof to the pudding as the visuals are akin to the stylings of animator-legend Don Bluth (think Secret of NIMH and you're already in the ballpark) with the high adventure style storytelling made popular by the likes of Walt Disney and TELLOS creator--- the late, great MIKE WIERINGO.

With an ongoing webcomic series, a developing animation reel for a television series, and building VIVID productions as an independent publishing house, Dave and Liz definitely have their hands full working to fill our hands with new product! Seeing is believing at to view the comic, character designs (Scintar and Grunn are my faves), and the overwhelming responses to their current works.

PLANET GRIFFIN is proud to recognize VIVID Productions as members of THE NEXT 100 and to their ongoing support of the new independent movement!

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