Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Bizarre Worlds of SHOHEI OTOMO

Re-emerging from an incredibly odd holiday weekend, PLANET GRIFFIN returns! Today the spotlight features the work of OTOMO SHOHEI... And though not related to the other Otomo of the legendary AKIRA fame, you somehow get the impression that their design classes were right across the hall from each other! Shohei's work has sparked quite a fan following as of late, with incredibly detailed pieces that twists and manipulates the iconism in Japan's super rich subculture. All at once grotesque and intriguing, the images strike chords in gallery viewers wherever he tours, and you kind of get the idea of where he's coming from... Whether its the gangland set or the media explosion that is manga, Otomo is not afraid to show things as many in Japan view or imagine them. See it for yourself at SHOHEI's site and make up your own mind!


Brian Miller said...

Man he's got some crazy good illustration. That top one of the dude drinking is my favorite.

rodbuddah said...

You should really check out his site. Lately, I've been geeking hard over some of his illo's... I'm lovin' it highly!