Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dark Knight Done Right: Next Gen Gaming

Here on PLANET GRIFFIN, the topics are various to be sure, but videogames don't come up that often... But man, after getting a taste of the new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM for the new platforms, all I can do is geek out! With a freeform combat system (Prince of Persia and Jet Li's Rise to Honor tried to develop that combat with mixed results) that works on a REAL level of combat, you can feel the skulls rattle as you throttle a villian in the neck to take him down! Facing the veritable who's who of weird rogues in the Asylum takes me back to the days of sitting down and reading the ARKHAM ASYLUM Hardcover for the first time ( Aaahhh... Memories... ).

This is The Dark Knight done right! From the immersive gameplay to the gadgets used ( lets not get started on the Predator or Detective modes on here), you simply can't miss out for those of you who have a next-gen system. Check out a demo at your local Game Stop to see it for yourself. After seeing the capabilities, I can understand why the release date got moved to accommodate all the features.

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