Monday, July 13, 2009

Ill Like Howard Beale

Wow! What can I say about the state of affairs as of late... Those of you just tuning in, Welcome to PLANET GRIFFIN, the blogsite that keeps your knees clean and your back straight--- in other words, no bowing down and no bending over! I am your host, the Infamous RodBuddah.

I see more and more people are joining in and contributing to some of the discussions offered--- I personally welcome you all and your contributions make this site what it is.

Now, those of you who tune in regular, you may have noticed that I put the Next Top Ten Movies list on hold. After taking a closer look at all that's transpiring around us and especially the barn burner that THE BIG BUZZ caused, I want to keep that energy moving.

To all of my new viewers chiming in, know now that everyone involved with this site do far more than talk about the issues--- these guys and girls DO something about it. As you're now a part of this blog, your involvement is encouraged as well. As you can see my photo in this piece, it's there not to post a portrait of vanity, but to let you know who I am--- a Motivated Morpheus in this Comic book Matrix that has quite a few people jacked in, little realizing that the industry as we know it is now shrinking so fast, it threatens to destroy itself.

Independent multimedia is first on the chopping block. Now again, I must stress that I am NOT anti-industry, but rather anti-ignorance, so don't get it twisted... Mainstream don't like those who are too proud or too free, unless they can pocket off our profit.

Yeah, I said it. Welcome to PLANET GRIFFIN.

In response to THE BIG BUZZ, let me start by saying WOW!!! Keep the responses coming! It's safe to say that WEDNESDAY COMIC is definitely a STING to the comic buying public. I love the funnies, but I truly believe that folks would rather pay 75 cents for a daily newspaper that offers hope for a job than a $4 dollar newspaper that can't. The industry is changing faster than ever now, and the medium is moving in directions that far surpass the old comics rack we remember from the local drugstore. Digital is the new analog and multimedia is the future. Tactile entertainment is still king, mind you, but even a king knows how to err on the side of good judgement if it allows the kingdom to thrive. I believe there's room for everybody in this business, digital and tactile alike, but what NO ONE needs is crap--- of course, in this business, we all know that crap is also a matter of personal opinion...

Like the saying goes, "If you ain't bein' hated on, you ain't doin' shit." I personally believe that 'If you ain't doin' shit worth shit, what's the point of hatin' anyway?'... If you like what you like, support it any way you can. If you don't like it, leave it alone to allow someone who does like it to step in... What we shouldn't do is fall under the illusion of what we should like if we wanna remain 'in the club', as told by the mainstream or ego's that believe we can't make our own choices. Like children, we're sold on what's 'popular' or what's 'hip', and if we don't get with the program, we're ostracized for not wanting to be a part of someone Else's say so just because of their market share. Thank you Wizard magazine.

Let me say it again... Our business models don't walk your catwalks, and yet you want us to continue to support a failed fashion trend that's hurting more than it's helping. What's more, people who seek new ideas, concepts, and directions should have them, rather than continuously spoon-feed them the same shit and call it by a different name... It's past time we take tired ideas out of its comfort zone, because that's where the adventure truly lies. If the truth offends some folks out there--- good. I give no quarter in this. No more. PLANET GRIFFIN will now tell it like Howard Beale. This business can be crippling to many, making us to feel like we're losing our way because our creations don't fit with the status quo--- to those of you who feel that pain as you slave over your art table, I say don't stop and never quit--- the status quo fears the independent simply because you are the catalyst that will change things. Your 'pains' are merely the side effects of waking up from the pod you were unknowingly incubated from.

I should know. I too was a prisoner once. That 'maximum security' can be a bitch, can't it?

PLANET GRIFFIN has now emerged as the Neo Quo, as has GHETTOMANGA, as has OLD TOWNE, as has THE WORLD OF HURT, as has THE TRUE ORIGINAL ARTNINJA (which reminds me... ARTNINJA ATTACKS, your stuff is really cool, but keep in mind that there was an ARTNINJA already in place before you emerged, so really do your homework before you say that everyone else is imitating your stance, because you're actually standing on someone else's foundation. lol), as has ASHARU, VIVID, and the new NEXT members upcoming! The NEXT 100 are the neo quo to see simply because we've ALL grown tired of listening to what we should do coming from people who don't!

If I stepped on any toes out there, wear stronger shoes. This is PLANET GRIFFIN, and I am just getting started....


Jay Potts said...

Yes, sir!

To quote Pharcyde, "We need brothas to be droppin' knowledge..." I can't wait to see how this new direction goes.

By the way, when I first saw that picture, I for sure thought I was lookin' at a "Hustle & Flow" outtake!

Whoop That Trick!! Get 'em!


RodBuddah said...

'...All I ever wanted, mahn, was a chance, mahn, to prove that I wuz mo' than whur I come frum, mahn... I jus' got dis thang in me, mahn, to make music an' be hurd...Mahn.'

Jay Potts said...

HUSTLE & FLOW: The Stage Play


Rodney Blackwell as DJay
John Aston as Shelby
Myron Macklin as Skinny Black
Jay Potts as Key