Monday, September 21, 2009

THE BIG BUZZ: No Honor Among Thieves!

On today's BIG BUZZ, we return to the gaming world to look at what is now considered the proverbial top of the heap in action-adventure titles, and the one game that's considered by many top execs in the E3 community as "...The first game that can wear the crown long held by the Metal Gear series..." I don't know about that, but I can definitely say that big bragging rights are WELL DESERVED to the Naughty Dog crew for creating a sequel that puts it's own predecessor to shame!
PLAYSTATION magazine considered this game solid gold across the board (and I can easily see why), and does not disappoint! Returning to the world of Everyman Adventurer Nathaniel Drake, you're plunged into the story from the word GO, as Drake uncovers the possibility of Marco Polo's discovery of the mythical Shambhala during his failed voyage... Of course, seeing as how it's Drake, naturally everything goes tits up from the start. (The opening two minutes alone is cliffhanging gold--- now imagine the next 15 hours upping the ante!)

Everything about this title screams 'Great!', which is rare for any one video game to have... The seemingly all-powerful PS3 engine alone is pushed to it's limits with the incredible graphics-to-gameplay that seamlessly blends together without distinction between the 2. The voice cast is spot on, and the submersive gameplay is more than enough to suck in the most jaded gamer (The demo model I played makes this thing dangerous for me--- I've got pagework to do!)!

The Uncharted series is todays answer to Indiana Jones for the Generation Text Jet Set, making this game series BIG BUZZWORTHY! Don't just take my word for it! Check it out for yourself!


Mdoubble said...

Wow. The only difference between this game and a movie is cut scenes!

Know if this will be out for the PC?

RodBuddah said...

I think the same as the other platforms. The level of energy in this thing is unreal! It also shows our age;)
From a visual standpoint, its overwhelming. Try to imagine plotting a non-stop scenario like these on paper...?
But then again, I'm a real sucker for the cliffhanger type adventure stories.

It's definitely worth the BUZZ!