Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Long Live The Caine!

PLANET GRIFFIN maintains its broadcast depth bringing you cool news and the alternate pop culture trip you've come to expect! Not since the return of Clint Eastwood in GRAN TORINO and Liam Neeson in TAKEN has a movie made me geek out to see a 76 year old man kick righteous amounts of ass!


HARRY BROWN is a smashgenre mix of DEATH WISH, GRAN TORINO, THE EQUALIZER, and a return to the character Caine built the British Gangster Genre on in the first place: GET CARTER! Okay, so Caine is the title character, an ex-marine once belonging to a squad known as the 'Wolverines' (nice touch). Now retired, he spends his time visiting his dying wife in the hospital, hanging out at the pub with his friend Len (David Bradley). The two old soldiers live in a severely blighted housing project known as The Estate where the gangs control the urban warfare down to the last bullet. Of course, it's only a matter of time that Len becomes another victim in the crossfire... And the magic of Caine begins to kick in.

LIONSGATE hypes the new Brit film as "... uncompromisingly bloody, pulpy, and is guaranteed to shock and stun you..." After a screening at the recent Toronto film festival, the crowd reaction was overwhelming: Caine wages the bloodiest comeback onscreen; a Death Wish version of the Equalizer--- only harder!

harry_brown_still.jpgThe rogues gallery in HARRY BROWN is definitely worth seeing, particularly the spectacular bloodbath that is Harry's run-in with Stretch (played to maximum menace by Sean Harris), a local drug dealer who interrupts himself between raving, junkie maxims to smoke crack through a gun barrel! The neophyte director, DANIEL BARBER, describes the scene as "... Pure acid poured into a tinderbox... You know the combustion is coming, you see the smoulder building, but you have no idea how explosive the outcome is going to be, making the payoff SO glorious...!"

I personally love the tagline as the film is hailed as 'The Next Evolution of the Brit Crime Genre brought to you by the last line of Old School Tough Guys'. I think it's genius! It's UK date is scheduled for November, but probably won't hit our shores until after Christmas, bringing a new antihero to America wrapped in a bloody British bow!


samax said...


Caine brings instant credibility to any movie trailer he's in... and he's the STAR in this one.

RodBuddah said...

To see the resurrection of Bronson AND his farewell to the Jack Carter character---?
I can't wait!